High School By Rockef

It’s official: school is finally over and holidays began! All over the world people celebrate the end of academic year and Gregorio “Rockef” Perrucci created, for Colors of California, a playlist which summarizes musical tendencies playing the starring role in this summer practise. Enjoy the music!


“No Winter Last Forever” – Playlist by Simone Sassoli

When you’re feeling weary and out of focus, sleepless for the daylight saving time, it’s a very common say : “you’re just feeling the Spring”. So let’s feel it for real with the new playlist by one of the most popular sound designer around, Simone Sassoli. Tracks that cross decades and genres always with a uncommon touch. A playlist which is “different”. So are your Colors of California shoes.



You know it. Somewhere it is still raining and there is a backlash of cold weather. OK, some people are enjoying holidays in the snow. But we really can’t wait until spring truly arrives and with it the new Colors of California collection.

This selection of sneakers is truly different from all of the others, comfortable and colorful and ready to become the strongest piece in your newest outfits, for those who want a break from the usual, indistinguishable brands. Then, “The Next Big Thing” for the season: slingback sandals! A shoe that reminds us of beach holidays, perfect during the day and in the sparkly version for the evening. Slip-ons, espadrilles, sandals and a full range of models for girls. Spring can finally come!


Love Me Harder by Gregorio “Rockef” Perucci:
Valentine’s Day according to the music of Colors of California

Valentine’s Day has arrived and this monthly playlist of Colors of California is dedicated to love! For this month’s edition we’ve asked Gregorio “Rocket” Perrucci – producer and music editor from Milan – to create a soundtrack for the “hot “ moments to enjoy with your partner. There’s no doubt that RnB and Hip-Hop are the best when situations turn hot!
Gregorio “Rocket” Perrucci was born in Taranto. He moved to Milan in 2011. His passion for music and specifically for Hip Hop brought him to challenge himself since adolescence, creating and experimenting through his productions.
In the past years, two projects were created which were very important for his artistic growth: the collaboration with Caneda (Newtopia) in his instrumental EP “Baby Blues” and the realization of an interlude in the film “Le leggi del desiderio” by Silvio Muccino.
In 2015 he started collaborating with WhyNot Magazine as music editor.


Merry Christmas with Philadelphia Sound Experience Collective’s playlist

Oh yes … It’s that time of the year, again ! To ensure ourselves the right amount of energy to deal with it we teamed up with Philadelphia Sound Experience, the djs/producers collective known for remixing classics tracks from the golden-era soul, funky and disco in a contemporary house style. What came out is the most stylish and unusual Christmas compilation around. It’s Colors of California’s spirit at its purest ! PSE collective believes that it’s possible to dance to some good old-school music without relying on the stereotypes of usual “back-to-the-’70/80” predictable selections. To spread the word they created the most coveted one-night and named it after their own collective. Get the right X-Mas mood ! Play this during the long festive days and even the endless Christmas lunch will feel tolerable …


Colors of California presents Isa Dj, author of the playlist for this month.

“I was born in Florence towards the end of the 60’s, and after studying Political Science I started working for a law firm in Florence and I’m still there. I’m married and have an 11 year old son who tells everyone his mum is a DJ… Music has always been there in the background of my daily life, I studied piano for 5 years and play the guitar a little; starting out with records, then tapes and now CD’s, these are among the objects without which I could not survive… among those I’d take to a castaway island after a shipwreck. Another great passion of mine is dancing and that’s why I have always loved discos, I adore the allure of the lights and the feeling of the bass that rocks you from the inside, and the track that makes you move almost as if it possesses your body. Becoming a DJ happened by chance, thanks to a DJ friend who, aware of my passion for music, encouraged me to have a go at the console and now I’m crazy about it. I have hosted at cocktail parties and events, private parties, the Burlington Club in Florence, with ILOVEDISCO at the Cavea in the Opera Theatre and at Villa Montalto, and at the Texas and Teresita beach clubs in Versilia. In my DJ sets I mix classic disco, funky and soul with re-edited versions (revised and spiced up with house/soulful cadences) or with less well-known pieces, always, however distinguished by the hot pace of black music. Along with DJ Simone Fanfani and DJ Simone Sassoli, I am a member of the group The Philadelphia Sound Experience in Florence with which we intend to bring the songs that have immortalized the music produced in Philadelphia by Gamble and Huff to the dance floor of the YAB YUM (legendary Florentine disco)”
“For my November play list, I looked for elements that evoke this month for me, both in the title and the sound, by associated flavours, tastes and moods… trying to weave together suggestions of intimacy with ironic and more commercial pieces. November is the month that brings the first spells of cold weather, when the days shorten and boots take over from sandals, but it’s also the month of cups of hot chocolate, roast chestnuts and new wine, of Halloween parties…“
“The kind of music I prefer has blues, soul and funky rhythms (the great James Brown) but I love disco music too (growing up in the 70’s has left the disco sound solidly rooted in my musical taste) and this is what I propose in my DJ sets with Re-Edits in House and Soulful House keys”
“My relationship with the rain consists of either staying cosy under the covers while it pours down outside or driving at high speed through the puddles…”
“Working with Colors of California made me think of my box of buttons: ‘all different but all together’ “
“My favourite clubs are the Blume and the Jazz Club in Florence, the Dijon in Paris, and the Teatro Pereyra in Ibiza”

The new film with Charlize Theron is out!

The new film – a thriller called “Dark Places“ – with the South African actress – an avid fan of our rain boots – is out today and Colors of California hopes that this will be yet another success for the screen goddess (who is also producing the film this time). The personality of this actress, heavily involved in social issues with her Africa Outreach Project that tackles HIV in young people, is a great inspiration to us and we are happy that the she chooses to use our products in her daily life. Charlize is just one of a long list of celebrities in show business all over the world who choose Colors of California. These include the actresses Lavinia Guglielman and Martina Pinto, presenters and show girls Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez, Melissa Satta, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Costanza Caracciolo, Melita Toniolo, Benedetta Mazza and Maddalena Corvaglia, to name just a few. Colors is also very popular among fashion-influencers: Jaqueline Ingegnoso, Lavinia Biancalani, Catherine Poulain, Laura Comolli and Alice Perrella are just a few names in this field that prefer the brand’s rain boots and sneakers. So many different personalities yet all faithful to the Colors philosophy: “all different but all together!”

LISTEN TO “The rain”

L’autunno, la stagione delle piogge, può essere cool . Ciò che serve è un bel corredo di stivali da pioggia di tanti colori ed altezze ed una playlist in tema. Colors of California ha chiesto a Simone Sassoli, indimenticato dj-resident di locali cult come il Mood o l’Universale di Firenze, sound designer per le sfilate di moda e i fashion-store più all’avanguardia, di creare una compilation ispirata al tema della pioggia. Il risultato è “Raining Again”, un mix stilosissimo di soul, pop e rock, hit internazionali e “perle” oscure per rendere sostenibili anche le giornate di pioggia.



In The Rain – The Dramatic
Moonlight Rain – Richie Havens
Kiss the Rain – Billie Myers
The Rain – K-OS
Walkin In Tha Rain – Barry White featuring Love Unlimited
Sun After The Rain – Bebu Silvetti
Raining Again – Moby
Rain Forest – Paul Hardcastle
Rain Falls – Frankie Knuckles
Standing In The Rain – John Paul Young
Date With The Rain – Eddie Kendricks
Under The Rain – Planet Funk
Walking In The Rain – Grace Jones
Rainy Day – Coldplay
I Cant Stand The Rain – Seal


Grazie a Champ de Mars Disco Bootleg.

A therapy for autumn blues.

Back-to-work stress really exists! It is a recognized disease connected to the onset of winter also known as “autumn blues”. Newspapers abound with advice on how to fight it – keep up the good habits taken up while on holiday, do more sport, write down five reasons to be happy every day, etc. – but it just takes one rainy day and many of us are struck by the blues. Colors of California wants to do its part to combat this syndrome, transforming the drawbacks of bad weather into opportunities to flaunt outfits never seen before. And so rain boots in an infinite range of colors, heights and styles are proposed to give autumn outfits that twist of fun and practicality. On the feet of celebrities and bloggers as well as at the coolest music festivals – and on the feet of everyone who wants to defeat the autumn blues with color!


Boot mid rubber with zip

Boot mid rubber with zip



Yes it’s true! Colors of California went to the Glastonbury Festival. Or better they went with the two top fashion influencers of the moment Catherine Poulain and Lavinia Biancalani. The ones that we think best represent the “Colors of California spirit”: a natural casual mix of style, creativity in putting outfits together and lashings of taste for music and adventure. Yes because at Glastonbury adventure is an essential part of the experience. Traditionally the weather is prone to showers, transforming the place into a mud pool… Then you have to adapt to the surroundings. At Glasto there are no hotels and tents are the most common form of accommodation. The one that Catherine and Lavinia used however was a proper super-chic, pop-up design-hotel equipped with all home comforts. Then of course there’s the music! Like every year the festival line-up features the best artists on the music scene. Our Colors’ special envoys had the pleasure of seeing live performances by Kanye West and Pharrel Williams as well as the Chemical Brothers, Florence and The Machine, Paul Weller, The Who, Motorhead, Mark Ronson, The Libertines…. so on and so forth. The Colors of California boots tackled the mud with style and the elastics were the star of the show in the chill out zone. This is because it is precisely at these kinds of Festivals where the philosophy of Colors of California expresses itself to the full: all different but all together!

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